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Stir Fry Lobster Recipes

These recipes are for lobster meat from Florida Keys Seafood with the shell removed.

Split your tails down the middle and chill well in ice water and the meat will peel easily. Lobster tails that have been frozen and thawed work well in these recipes.

Lobster stir fry has almost endless variations. You can use almost any pasta, fresh or frozen vegetables or rice in almost any combination. Stir fry lobster slowly and be careful not to overcook.

Lobster can be substituted for meat in any spaghetti dishes as well.

Lobster fettuccini alfredo is a wonderful dish for lobster lovers. Make a simple white sauce with butter, flour and milk (about 3-4 cups). Add parmesan cheese to taste and mix with cooked fettuccini. The lobster tails can be pulled, chopped, and stir fried in butter and garlic then combined with sauce and fettuccini.

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